A Modest Blogging Proposal

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A Modest Blogging Proposal

Post by AMadz on Mon Jan 05, 2009 8:15 pm

A Modest Blogging Proposal
By Ben Kunz
Business Week Online
01/04/09 4:00 AM PT

The concept of the so-called advertorial has been around for decades: Design an ad so that it looks more like a positive editorial opinion or a review. Or pay the writer to talk specifically about your company. The practice is fraught with controversy in the blogging world. How much disclosure is appropriate? What degree of involvement with advertorializing does it take for influential bloggers to lose credibility?

It all started with a simple question from Forrester Research analyst Jeremiah Owyang late in the afternoon on Friday, Dec. 12. A few days earlier, blogger Chris Brogan had written about his decision to accept US$500 from Kmart to find out what's cool to buy at the discount retailer and then write about it. Owyang posted a question to his readers on microblogging site Twitter, asking whether it's OK for brands to approach bloggers in that manner.


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