Workshop Activity #3

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Workshop Activity #3

Post by AMadz on Wed Feb 04, 2009 9:05 pm

CASE STUDY: Deep River College

Deep River College is a two-year school in Southern California. Twice a year, the fund-raising office at Deep River mails requests for donations to the alumni. The staff uses a word processing program and a personal information database to create personalized letters. Data on past contributions and other alumni information, however, is stored manually. The dean recently submitted a systems request asking the college's IT department to develop a computerized alumni information system. The school does not have a formal systems review committee, and each department has an individual budget for information services.

A preliminary investigation has been performed, and it was concluded that the system met all feasibility tests. After reading the report, the dean has asked you to proceed with the systems analysis phase. An interview has already been scheduled with the dean so you have to prepare for the meeting.

- List all the topics that should be covered during the interview.
- Prepare a list of specific questions that you should ask.
- Be sure to include open-ended, close-ended, and range-of-response questions.

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